Report: Cubs sign Trevor Gretzky

If Trevor Gretzky can handle a bat anything like his dad could handle a hockey stick, the Cubs will have something very special. And it looks like the Cubs do have him.

San Diego State baseball coach Tony Gwynn, who knows a thing or two about hitting himself, told the Toronto Sun on Thursday that Gretzky signed with the Cubs on Monday morning and will forgo playing for the Aztecs.

The Cubs, who took the 6-foot-4, 180-pound first baseman in the seventh round of the June draft, had not announced the signing.

"I don't think money was a factor," Gwynn said, according to the newspaper. "Everyone has a dream to play pro ball."

Gwynn said that a statement Wayne Gretzky, the hockey Hall of Famer, said in one of their meetings might have hinted which way his son was leaning.

"Wayne mentioned how he started his pro career as a 17-year-old, how if you work hard enough you can make it," Gwynn said, according to the Sun. "The father is a nice guy. He totally gets it, understands the pro game. And the son is very mature."

Gwynn told the newspaper that it "was a big deal" to lose a "good, young hitter."

Trevor Gretzky played high school ball in Thousand Oaks, Calif.