Mike Quade confident in 2012 return

SAN DIEGO -- As his team continues its search for a new general manager, Chicago Cubs manager Mike Quade is confident he will return in 2012.

"It hasn't been what we hoped for," said Quade, whose fifth-place Cubs wrapped up his first full season Wednesday with a loss to the San Diego Padres. "But I am not disappointed in the way I handled things and the way I went about my business. Good season, bad season, you go home and evaluate. And you always try to get better.

"But I still feel pretty good about this job and doing what I do. But if somebody else has a different thought and they come in here they will make that decision."

Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts told reporters before Wednesday's game that he is not going to rush his decision to find a general manager to succeed Jim Hendry, who was fired on Aug. 19.

Asked if he has any anxiety about returning in 2012, Quade said: "I don't. Anxiety would be the wrong word because I'm not just blowing through this like this isn't any big deal for sure. No anxiety. It's just always great when things are cleared up and so you look forward to that day. I'm as anxious as anybody to know who they are going to hire, but I don't do any speculation or listen to rumors and stuff. But no anxiety."

Quade said he and his staff have been informed that the decision could take a while.

"Tom understands, and I've talked to him," Quade said. "The importance of this decision, this is a big organization decision. But right now it's bigger than us whether we like it or not."

Although Quade has a $1 million contract for 2012, his coaching staff other than hitting coach Rudy Jaramillo leaves San Diego unsure of their status for next season.

"I think everybody understands the situation [having no GM in place]," Quade said. "They all have been around a long time. Like I say all the time, I tell them don't lose any sleep. Get away from this for awhile. Stay in touch with the players. There is nothing else you can do. But if somebody else comes calling, see if there is any real interest and then see what Tom and [interim GM] Randy [Bush] and whoever else the new GM is going to be, think."

In a season and a third, Quade has a 94-104 record with two fifth-place finishes. But he said he is confident he has done a good job despite the record.

"Look, it's baseball. It's a long season," Quade said. "Everyone has it figured out. If you're a sports fan, you're a sports fan. But there is so much that goes into this."

Quade will go back to Florida after returning to Chicago. He will continue rehabbing his house and do some fly fishing until he hears about his status for next season.

Bruce Levine covers the Cubs for ESPNChicago.com and ESPN 1000.