Ventura keeps eye on Morel, Beckham

Patience had been Chicago White Sox manager Robin Ventura's mantra as he watched both Brent Morel and Gordon Beckham struggle with the bats this season.

On Tuesday the manager admitted, at that some point, his patience may wear thin if his pair of infielders do not get their act together.

"Eventually, you have to do something about it," Ventura said. "Right now, I still believe in what I see and talking to them I am still confident that they are going to perform."

It was the first time the Sox manager has said he would consider making a change.

"Eventually, it does get to a point where you might have to make a move if it would stay like that," Ventura said. "Right now, I am not going to do that."

Ventura and his staff have worked with both players on mechanics and are willing to give both players more time because their defensive play has been very good.

Ventura, who remembers what it's like to be in a slump, believes that both Beckham and Morel are pressing a bit.

"It is a form of [pressing]. There are a lot of different things that go into it," he said. "Me, personally, [when I slumped] I stopped caring what everybody else thought."

Morel is hitting .178 with no home runs and three RBIs in 73 at-bats. He has also struck out one in every three at-bats. Beckham is batting .153 with no home runs and just two RBIs in 59 at-bats. Both players are near the bottom of the league standings in OPS.