Ricketts may contact Sammy Sosa

CHICAGO -- Chicago Cubs owner Tom Ricketts indicated Saturday that he may be open to reaching out to Sammy Sosa and repairing the relationship with the former star.

Ricketts was asked during the Cubs Convention if he would reach out to Sosa.

"It's a great question," Ricketts said. "Maybe we should revisit that."

The Ricketts family bought the Cubs in 2009, long after Sosa played his last game with the Cubs in 2004. Sosa did not leave the team on good terms despite 13 seasons that included historic power numbers. From a corked bat incident to reportedly leaving Wrigley Field early during the last game in '04 to a New York Times story that reported Sosa was on the 2003 list of players who flunked a PED test, Sosa's popularity in Chicago took a hit.

Sosa has not returned for the annual fan convention since he retired in 2007.

"When we got here there wasn't much communication, and we really haven't focused on it," Ricketts said. "Maybe it's an issue we pick up this year."

Sosa received only 12 percent of the vote for the Hall of Fame this year, the first in which he was eligible.

"It's awkward," Ricketts said. "I think over time there will be a good solution for all this stuff. But you saw what happened with all the Hall of Fame voting this year.

"It would be nice to put this chapter to rest and just welcome back all the guys who were from that era who people suspect of doing whatever. We'll work towards that."