Aspiring actor Rose loves L.A.

LOS ANGELES -- Derrick Rose is willing to do what all other aspiring actors do to jump start their careers: Move to L.A.

The reigning rookie of the year said after Thursday morning's shootaround that he plans to move to the City of Angels once his playing days are over and pursue an acting career.

"That is just something I would love doing after I get done playing," Rose said of a possible acting career. "But it will take a lot of work, and you'll have to be ready for it. If it's not [a movie career] then I'll have to decide for something else."

Rose, a Chicago native, already spends part of his summers working out in Santa Monica, Calif., so a move to the West Coast doesn't seem like much of a jump.

"It's great playing out here," Rose said after Wednesday's practice. "I love playing out here. Besides Chicago, I like to play out here all the time. You got great weather. If you want to do something you can go eat anywhere. Shop anywhere. Get rest. People really don't care who you are out here because you have some people that are bigger than you out here. So, they don't really care about who you are. They just let you be."

While some Chicago fans may worry that Rose might consider playing for the Lakers one day, the young point guard said he never even thought about it while he was growing up.

"I rarely watched their games. I never thought about it," he said.

Only the Bulls?

"Yeah, only the Bulls."

If Rose does decide to make the trek to L.A. one day and become a movie star, expect him to do some other things as well.

"I'd have to get into something else too," he said. "My mom wouldn't just let me do that. Probably, I'll move out here for real though."