Report: T-Mac questions LeBron James

Tracy McGrady told the New York Daily News that LeBron James would have been better off going to the Chicago Bulls, and the reason why the Miami Heat are struggling is because James and Dwyane Wade both command the ball.

"[Chicago] was a better decision, a better place for him," McGrady told the Daily News. "You can't just go somewhere and have that type of chemistry he had in Cleveland."

The Bulls courted James and Chris Bosh before they decided to join Wade in Miami.

McGrady worked out for the Bulls before signing a free-agent contract with the Detroit Pistons. McGrady said one of the reasons the Heat are off to a disappointing 9-8 start is the chemistry of James and Wade on the court.

"When they're on the court together, they're terrible," McGrady told the paper. "Him and D-Wade don't complement each other. They're somewhat the same type of players, 'Bron and D-Wade. ... Both of those guys need the ball, and they don't shoot the ball like Ray Allen. That's why they're having trouble scoring in the halfcourt, because they can't get a rhythm, because one of them is dominating the ball. That guy might be getting off, but the other guy [isn't].

"That's why when they're on the court together, they're terrible. They're rhythm players that need the ball. I'm like that. I can't stand out there and catch and shoot. I've never been a guy that sits out there waiting for the ball to come to me."