NBA mandates metal detectors

CHICAGO -- In the aftermath of the death of Osama bin Laden, all patrons attending Game 1 of the Chicago Bulls' Eastern Conference semifinal series against the Atlanta Hawks were subject to metal detectors entering the United Center on Monday. Fans were checked with a metal detector wand as they entered the arena, with the State Department warning of an "enhanced potential for anti-American violence."

The NBA issued the mandate for the conference semifinals and all subsequent playoff games.

Not all arenas in the league regularly use metal detectors. At the United Center, patrons are visually inspected. Metal detectors are only employed in a full inspection when, according to the venue's website, it is determined that "the potential is high for inappropriate or illegal items to be brought into the building."

Fans attending the Los Angeles Lakers game against the Dallas Mavericks Monday at the Staples Center were subject to metal detectors, per normal policy. The arena's website says that all guests are "subject to a metal-detector screening, visual inspection and a bag inspection conducted by Staples Center security personnel."

The arena also took additional security measures, according to a statement, including "increased deployment of officers to insure the safety of our guests and staff. As with every event we are in communication with the LAPD and will continue to work very closely with them and follow their lead with all measures of security and public safety."

Chicago's other sporting event on Monday night had enhanced security. White Sox security staff were on alert when the team's series concluded with the Baltimore Orioles.

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.