David Stern, Billy Hunter talk CBA

NEW YORK -- With a little more than two weeks remaining before the expiration of the current collective bargaining agreement, NBA commissioner David Stern and his deputy held a small meeting with union director Billy Hunter and his staff attorneys Tuesday.

Neither side disclosed details of the meeting, which comes three days before a large group of owners and players are due in New York for a full-scale bargaining session on Friday.

It'll be the first large meeting since the sides met in Dallas during the NBA Finals, after which union attorney Jeffrey Kessler disclosed that the union had proposed giving underperforming teams an extra draft pick to help them become more competitive.

The owners' focus, however, is on the financial part of the new labor agreement, and sources told ESPN.com that the owners have not moved off their demand for the players to give up approximately $750 million from the $2.1 billion in basketball-related income they earned last season.

In addition to rollbacks on salaries due for next season and beyond, owners are also proposing a 10-year agreement with a hard salary cap, a reduction in the length of contracts and an end to fully guaranteed contracts, among other things.

No players or owners attended Tuesday's talks.

"NBA staff, including David Stern and (deputy commissioner) Adam Silver met with Billy Hunter and his in-house staff," league spokesman Mike Bass said. "We are not disclosing what was discussed, and a meeting is set for Friday in New York City with the league's labor relations committee and the NBPA's executive committee."

Chris Sheridan covers the NBA for ESPN.com.