Perkins, Noah exchange words

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Centers Joakim Noah of the Bulls and Kendrick Perkins of the Thunder exchanged heated words in the Thunder's locker room after Oklahoma City's 107-95 victory Thursday night.

Following the game, Thunder guard and former Bull Thabo Sefolosha entered Chicago's locker room to speak with Noah and other team personnel.

A few minutes later, Sefolosha brought Noah into the Thunder's locker room, which was still filled with reporters waiting to speak with Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook.

The visit didn't sit well with Perkins, who immediately lashed out at Noah's presence before telling him to leave the locker room.

According to a transcript from The Oklahoman, which was recording an interview with Sefolosha at the time he brought Noah to his team's locker room, Perkins and Noah had the following exchange:

Perkins: "They just let anybody in the locker room?"

Noah: "C'mon, man."

Perkins: "I'm just asking, though."

Noah: "C'mon, man."

Perkins: "Just let anybody in the locker room now?"

Noah: "You want me to wait outside?"

Perkins: "I'm just saying, though."

Noah: "If you want me to wait outside, I'll wait outside."

Perkins: "Get your ass up outta here."

Noah: "Aight."

The two players crossed paths again outside the Thunder's locker room. More words were exchanged as Noah walked toward the Bulls' bus, but ultimately nothing else transpired.

Chicago has an open-door policy regarding former Bulls visiting the locker room, and players come and go frequently. Judging from Thursday night's exchange, however, it doesn't seem that a similar policy exists with the Thunder.