Derrick Rose: 'I'm feeling good'

CHICAGO -- Derrick Rose says he will play Monday night against the Orlando Magic after missing Saturday's win over the Milwaukee Bucks because of left knee soreness.

"I'm feeling good," Rose said after Monday's shootaround. "In good spirits, my knee is fine, so I'm not worried about it. Nothing I didn't have before, it's just a little sore, so [I'm] just trying to be cautious about it."

Rose said he did not have to get an MRI on the knee after feeling some soreness after Friday night's loss to the Washington Wizards.

"It's not out of the norm," Rose said. "Having two knee surgeries, it's just some type of soreness that just came upon from playing in the Washington game and it held me back a game. If it was something that was lingering or I felt it the entire time along that stretch, that 15-20 game stretch, I would have been very worried about it. But I didn't feel it until after the Washington game."

Rose said he got a lot of treatment on Sunday including acupuncture, massage, stim treatment, as well as ice. He said his knee soreness has nothing to do with the fact he's been in a shooting slump over the past two weeks.

"I've just been missing shots," he said. "It don't got nothing to do with [my knee]. No excuses. I've just been missing shots, but tonight may be something different. I got a new haircut so who knows?"

The former MVP remains convinced his game will be fine and he will get to another level over the next few months.

"Hell yeah," he said. "The way that I've been playing, I work out too hard. That's one thing that, I can't be down on games that I miss or miss a lot of shots, or games that I play in and I lose. I just know that I got a lot of confidence in my game. I work on my craft too hard. And when I go out there I just try to play the game, try not to think, try not to be perfect because in this game you're going to miss shots."

In other injury related news, Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau said Mike Dunleavy is feeling better, but is still not ready to play yet. Dunleavy injured his right ankle on Jan. 1 but he admitted last Friday that he hasn't been able to run yet. He had an MRI on Saturday and felt optimistic he would be back on the floor soon, but Thibodeau said he will still likely miss a couple of more games.

"He'll probably need a few more days," Thibodeau said. "He's improving, he needs a little more time."