Mike Dunleavy's return unclear after 'setback' in surgery rehab

CHICAGO -- Mike Dunleavy Jr. has had a "setback" in his recovery from back surgery, and his timetable for a return to the court is unclear, according to Chicago Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg.

Dunleavy, who had back surgery in late September, has not played all season. The Bulls initially said after his surgery that Dunleavy would be out eight to 10 weeks.

"Mike's had a little setback with his back," Hoiberg said before Monday's game against the San Antonio Spurs. "He had a little pain this last week. He feels better after taking a couple days off. [We] had him seen by the doctor today, and the recommendation is for him to get off the floor and to really focus just on straight rehab for about two weeks. We've also consulted with some other doctors, some specialists around the country, so he's going to see a couple of those [doctors] this week as well."

Hoiberg said there isn't concern at this time that Dunleavy will have to miss the entire season or have another procedure on his back.

"Nothing like that yet," Hoiberg said. "We'll know more after this week, when he goes out and sees these other two doctors."

Hoiberg said the setback came last week, after Dunleavy started doing more in practice in an attempt to get back on the floor.

"He was really sore when we went out on the West Coast," Hoiberg said. "And he had upped his activity level quite a bit, and [the soreness] quieted down a lot, which I think is a good sign these last couple days when he's had inactivity. Now, it's a matter of getting those muscles strengthened in the back and in the core. Like I said, go out and see a specialist and put a plan together and hopefully get him back out there."