Sources: NBA, union schedule session

Talks between the NBA and its locked-out players' union will be held on Wednesday in New York, two sources directly involved in the talks told ESPN.com TrueHoop blogger Henry Abbott.

The meeting will be small, with only a few representatives from each side, sources said.

The Associated Press previously reported that officials from the league and players' association planned to meet this week, in just the second session involving leaders from both sides since the lockout started July 1.

"If Labor Day comes and goes without us huddled in ready to kiss off our Labor Day weekend to make this deal, then we may be headed to a bad place," commissioner David Stern said during an ESPN.com podcast earlier this month.

The session is expected to include top negotiators for both sides, with Stern and deputy commissioner Adam Silver representing the league and union executive director Billy Hunter and president Derek Fisher of the Los Angeles Lakers representing the players.

The two sides remain at odds over the owners' desire to cut player salaries and establish a hard salary cap.

Stern was disappointed in the players' lack of movement in the Aug. 1 meeting, and the league filed an unfair labor practice charge with the National Labor Relations Board and a lawsuit against the players the next day.

The union, already fed up with the owners' desires for pay cuts and a new salary-cap system in a new collective bargaining agreement, had already filed its own complaint with the NLRB.

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.