Derrick Rose eager for season to start

Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose was surprised there's a provision in the NBA's pending new CBA that's being called "The Derrick Rose Rule" and rewards players of his caliber.

The rule allows a player finishing his rookie contract to make 30 percent of a team's salary cap -- up from 25 percent -- if he's twice been voted an All-Star starter, twice been voted All-NBA or won an MVP award. Rose, 23, is the reigning MVP.

"It's unbelievable," Rose told CSNChicago.com. "But the rule, I guess, it fits me for what I've achieved at a young age and hopefully there will be a couple more people like me."

Rose is eager to return to practice at the Berto Center once the CBA is ratified.

"I've really been lost without going up to the Berto," Rose told CSNChicago.com. "That's been the biggest thing. We're a family. It's kind of hard when you take a couple of months without talking to the people that (you're) with so long, every single day, every practice.

"I know when we come back, there are going to be laughs, jokes and all that, but still we still have to take care of business."

The Bulls won 62 games in the regular season, earning the No. 1 seed in the playoffs but lost to the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference finals.

Rose doesn't believe it will take players long to shake off the rust that accumulated during the lockout.

"I think it should be fine knowing that since the lockout the people in the league have really good mentors telling them to keep working out, people that's behind them, people with their team that's always keeping them in shape," Rose said. "I think that people should knock off the rust within a couple of games and then we'll be back at it."

The Bulls are expected to be part of an opening-day tripleheader on Christmas, when they'll face the Lakers in Los Angeles.

"Showtime," Rose told CSNChicago.com. "I hope it's exciting. I know (coach Tom Thibodeau) and the rest of the people are getting ready to coach us and we're prepared for it."

Rose kept his goals simple.

"Just to be the best," he said. "To be the best at my position. To be the best while I'm on the court and to continue to go out there and play hard.

"I know last year is the past. This year is a whole (other) year. I know Thibs, and like I said, the coaching staff, is going to really coach us this year and we're just trying to get further than last year. That's the goal."