Derrick Rose lashes out at referees

CHICAGO -- Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose uncharacteristically lashed out at officials during and after his team's 104-99 victory over the New York Knicks Monday night, showing his frustration at what he sees as a lack of fouls called against those defending him.

"I've gotta be the only superstar in the league that's going through what I'm going through right now," the reigning MVP said. "But I can't say too much about it."

Rose shot 12-of-29 from the floor for his game-high 32 points, but went to the foul line just nine times, sinking six and repeatedly showing his displeasure toward the officials at non-calls.

"How many times did I shoot today?" Rose asked. "I'm the point guard."

Asked what he was thinking on a particularly ferocious dunk to put the Bulls ahead by seven midway through the fourth quarter, Rose said he "kinda blacked out. I was probably mad because I wasn't getting calls all game. That was probably the reason why."

Told he may get fined by the league for his comments, Rose was again uncharacteristically defiant.

"I could care less right now," he said.

Rose said Tuesday on "The Waddle & Silvy Show" on ESPN 1000 that he expects to be fined by the NBA.

"For sure. This will be my first time in four years getting fined, but I don't know yet," Rose said. "I haven't had contact with anyone from the NBA so I'm just waiting."

Rose clarified Tuesday his frustration with the lack of calls.

"I just go out there and try to play hard," Rose said. "I keep hearing that I create the contact, and I just try to fight through it. That's all I tried to do (Monday night). There were certain situations where things got pretty intense, and I thought I was going to get the call I was supposed to get and I didn't. I guess I was seeing something that they weren't. I just tried to play through it, play my game and just keep going."

Bulls forward Carlos Boozer was asked if the lack of whistles for Rose was because he's so strong.

"Yeah, because he's so strong ... he finishes so many plays where he does get contact," Boozer said. "Sometimes they let it go, but you can't let it go all the time. You've got to make the call. You saw in the third quarter, you're just trying to force the issue. He got to the line a bunch in the third quarter. But he could have got to the line maybe 10 times in the first half."

Nick Friedell contributed to this report.