Derrick Rose jumping, shooting

Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose started to cry Thursday when a video of him tearing his left ACL and rehabbing was played during a promotional event for his new adidas products. But Rose said his rehab is going well and that he started jumping and shooting drills a few days ago.

"My recovery has been good, where (I'm) rehabbing every day, five times out of the week," Rose said. "On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I do lower and upper body and bike workout.

"I'm starting to shoot now, I started to jump a little while ago, like a couple of days ago, where I'm still improving every week. My leg does get sore sometimes, but I'm able to fight through it, but my trainers and the people that have been working on me have been making sure that I've been doing a great job ... I've been good."

Rose tore the ligament on a jump stop in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference quarterfinals against the Philadelphia 76ers. The Bulls went on to lose to the No. 8 seeds in six games, and Rose had surgery May 12. The prognosis was for him to miss eight to 12 months, and chairman Jerry Reinsdorf said he will not let Rose play until he's 100 percent.

"(I didn't) work on my core as much as I do now," Rose said. "Sit-ups, so many exercises that I do just to get my core together. That's a huge part of getting back ... basketball players don't usually have to work on our core like that, because we work on our hips and weights. …...

"I've been working with my trainers, and they're making sure I'm on top of that, and that my upper body is strong."

The rehab, according to Rose, has been far from easy.

"When I tell you that you've got to learn how to walk again, I really do mean that," Rose told NBA.com. "You probably don't see people until they've started walking again and you just assume that they started walking right after the surgery. But after my surgery, I wasn't able to bend my leg at all. For me, just to bend my leg was a blessing."

Rose also touched on other subjects, including that he and his girlfriend are expecting a son, and that he's praying for the Chicago teachers' strike to end.

ESPNChicago.com's Nick Friedell and Jon Greenberg contributed to this report.