Jackson's health will dictate future

Phil Jackson said he'd like to coach another year, but "medical issues" will have to be addressed in the next couple of weeks before he can commit to the grind of another NBA season.

Jackson, who turns 64 in September, was on the "Waddle & Silvy" show on ESPN 1000, and he talked about the possibility of chasing his 11th NBA title after guiding the Los Angeles Lakers to his record-setting 10th championship on Sunday.

"No, I'm not," he said when asked if he's set on pursuing another championship. "I have some medical issues that I have to resolve, and I have to take care of those in the next couple weeks before I recommit to this thing."

Jackson reportedly has undergone two hip replacement surgeries since October 2006, and he missed two games this past season with pain and swelling in his legs associated with plantar fasciitis. Jackson reportedly believes the frequent late-night flights during a season aggravate his condition.

"I'm emotionally tied to these guys," he said. "They've embraced what I try to do, and they've embraced the way I try to do it. So that commitment's there. The organization is obviously behind what I want to do, and they've extended that offer for continuing here, so that is all positive.

"It's just covering that hurdle. And some of that's just getting old, and the wear and tear of the game, and the amount of flying that you do. You know, this 82-game pilgrimage that you go through before the playoffs even begin, and the wear and tear, and if that's a necessary part or if this is the time now to step back and regard that as accomplishments done and sit back in the rocker and enjoy watching guys do this. But I'd still like to push on through another year if possible."

Jackson won his first six titles with the Chicago Bulls, and his 10th gave him the all-time record, eclipsing the nine of Red Auerbach.