Wood: Black Cubs players got hate mail

Cleveland Indians closer and ex-Cubs ace Kerry Wood didn't dismiss the notion that Cubs outfielder Milton Bradley and other African-American players may have experienced racial insensitivity during their time in Chicago.

"I know just from the experience of playing with those guys, and I've seen some of the mail that they get, obviously not a lot of us get that kind of mail," Wood said on "The Waddle & Silvy Show" on ESPN 1000. "I didn't, but there are people out there that got their beliefs."

Wood said he saw some of the mail that was sent to former teammates LaTroy Hawkins, Jacque Jones and former manager Dusty Baker.

"It's tough to sit there and read that," Wood said, "and it's tough to even understand what those players go through."

Bradley accused fans of making racial taunts at Wrigley Field during the 2009 season, but he declined to give examples of specific incidents.

Wood also said that Wrigley Field is not an easy place to play, and not everyone can do it. He compared the media intensity to what's experienced in Boston and New York.

"Everything is under the microscope," he said. "The media is there every day, and they want answers on why you are not winning, why you did this and why you did that."

Despite those conditions, Wood -- who lives in Chicago with his family during the offseason -- wouldn't rule out a return to the Cubs after he plays out the final year of his contract with Cleveland.

"Never say never," Wood said.