Jay Cutler warns about interceptions

Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler didn't take offense that a local newspaper is keeping a daily chart of his training camp interceptions, and he has a message to fans worried after he threw 26 picks last year.

"I'm going to throw some this year," he said Wednesday on "The Waddle & Silvy Show" on ESPN 1000. "I'm not going to lie about that."

It's not surprising, considering Cutler is entering the season with his third offensive coordinator in as many years. And Mike Martz's system has a reputation for being somewhat wide open.

"There are going to be some balls that are picked off," Cutler said. "It's part of the game. But we can't worry about it. Defenses will make adjustments, we have to make them back."

Not only is Cutler working with another offensive coordinator, he's also working with a group of young, unproven wide receivers. And with Martz's offense being predicated on the receiver being at an exact spot, and the ball already being in the air before he reaches that spot, the interceptions could mount, especially early.

"The guys are going to get knocked off routes, something is going to happen, the defender is going to get in the way, and the ball's going to be gone," Cutler said. "That's part of this offense. It's not a read and see what happens and let it fly, it's a read and let it fly. So balls are going to be in the air.

"And they understand that. That's been a point of emphasis since February and March. So they're conscious of it. They don't want to be the guy that isn't in the right spot. They have a lot of pride. It's a young group, but they understand what the impact could be if they're not in the right spot."

Cutler isn't worried about his training camp picks. He threw two Tuesday night.

"Right now, we're all learning, we're all going through it," he said. "The only way to learn from these mistakes is to let the ball go and see what happens.

"Let the guys know, the receivers know, that's where we're going to put it, and if you're not there, that's going to be the consequences of what happens."

Cutler understands being under the microscope.

"Whenever you throw 26 or 27, whatever it was last year, it's definitely going to be a point of emphasis," he said. "It comes with it."