Jay Cutler: Too busy to follow gossip

CHICAGO -- Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler said his relationship with reality TV star Kristin Cavallari is "working out," but claims he doesn't pay much attention to the tabloid buzz the pair has generated.

"I'm so busy with football and [offensive coordinator] Mike [Martz] and stuff it's just hard to catch up with that," Cutler said Monday on "The Waddle & Silvy Show" on ESPN 1000. "The only way I hear about it is if my sister tells me."

After a Week 1 victory over the Detroit Lions, Cutler was spotted in New York having lunch with Cavallari, who was on the reality TV series "The Hills," before returning to Chicago the next day to prepare for the Dallas Cowboys.

"I went in Monday morning, got my stuff done, came back, landed [Tuesday] went in, game-planned a little," Cutler said about last week. "I got enough football for probably everybody at this point. I don't think [Cavallari] is in New York right now so don't think I can go back there [this week].

"Yeah, they're going well. It's working out so far."

Things are working out well for Cutler on the field through the first two games of the season as well. He threw three touchdown passes in a 27-20 victory over the Cowboys as the Bears improved to 2-0. His 121.2 passer rating leads the NFL, and his five touchdown passes are tied for second.

And, perhaps most impressive, Cutler, who led the NFL with 26 interceptions last season, didn't throw a pick against a blitzing Cowboys' defense.

"I think with our game plans and Mike, he's so conscious of giving me an answer for each and every coverage that goes with each play. I'm not going out there thinking 'Now if this happens maybe I've got to throw it here, maybe I've got to throw it here.' It's very clear-cut. 'If you get this you've got to throw it here. If this happens, this is your hot [route].' He always gives me an answer and as long as I have an answer most times I'll do the right thing."