Chris Harris says lockout hurts fans

Chicago Bears safety Chris Harris took to social media Thursday in joining teammate and union rep Robbie Gould in voicing critical remarks regarding the NFL labor situation.

Addressing remarks made on conference calls with fans by commissioner Roger Goodell -- who essentially has said the NFL lockout might be beneficial to fans because it could lower ticket costs -- Harris voiced skepticism on Twitter.

Harris wrote: "So Roger Godell said the lockout is for fans as well. U have to be either stupid or naïve to believe tix prices r going down after new CBA," following it up with, "Roger Godell tix prices will not go down if anything they will go up."

In replying to a fan's question regarding the matter, Harris -- the team's most prolific and outspoken Twitter poster -- broke things down with a simple lesson in economics.

"[Goodell's] argument is if they get what they want n CBA, tix prices will lower," Harris wrote. "That's not true bc demand is still there. In any business if demand is high, prices rise."

The safety could have a point, considering all the criticism and snarky remarks Goodell's comments have drawn from other players -- active and retired -- and fans on Twitter.

All the back and forth involving owners, players and fans regarding the NFL lockout will likely increase as the league and the players continue negotiations -- and argue their positions -- while the public grows anxious for what might be an abbreviated football season.

NBC NFL analyst Chris Collinsworth tweeted Thursday: "Maybe the NFL could play a few games for the Wounded Warriors. You could double my ticket with no argument."

Michael C. Wright covers the Bears for ESPNChicago.com and ESPN 1000.