Jay Cutler shrugs off Brandon Marshall's criticism

BOURBONNAIS, Ill. -- Jay Cutler took the high road Friday in response to critical comments made by ex-teammate Brandon Marshall, who said he was the only one who held Cutler accountable during Marshall's time with the Chicago Bears.

"Anytime you get traded or moved to a team, there's going to be some issues you are going to deal with or questions that are going to come up," Cutler said on ESPN 1000's Waddle & Silvy in Chicago.

"That's only natural. All I can say is he's got a lot of good friends on this team and we wish him the best of luck. At this point we've got our own problems and things we are dealing with, and we're just trying to concentrate on camp and get everything going in the right direction we need it to go."

Marshall, who Chicago traded the New York Jets in the offseason, said Thursday on ESPN's First Take that he was the only person in the Bears organization who had the "huevos" to hold Cutler accountable.

"There is a culture in the league that you keep everything in-house," Marshall said. "But for me last year, I felt like, when we are going on 10 years -- nine, 10 years in the league -- it's time to get it. I felt like I was the only one in the organization that had the 'huevos' to hold [Cutler] accountable. It didn't go the way I wanted it to go."

Marshall said he barely communicated with Cutler last year during the Bears' disappointing 5-11 season.

"We didn't talk much during the year. We still haven't talked," Marshall said. "That is sad. I don't think there is anybody in the league that had more chemistry than us. If we had a slant route, I was going to go in the hole and he would find me. We saw the game the right way. I felt like that is something we could have built on."

The Bears shipped Marshall, 31, and a seventh-round pick to the Jets in exchange for a fifth-round choice in March.

Cutler, 32, is on his fifth offensive coordinator since joining the Bears in 2009.