Martellus Bennett on NFL uniform fine: Changing cleats will 'affect my health'

LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- Chicago Bears tight end Martellus Bennett thinks the NFL is putting his health at risk by prohibiting him from wearing a certain style of shoe on game days.

Bennett revealed Wednesday the league fined him for wearing cleats that "were too black" in Chicago's Week 4 loss to Seattle.

"I'm just pissed off at the NFL ... they get mad because my cleats were too black," Bennett said. "They're perfect for my feet. I feel like they are supposed to protect the players, and I have a certain shoe that feels the best on my foot. I've had foot problems over the last two years. And they fine me because they're too black. They don't make them in white. I'm not a Nike guy. So I'm kind of [upset] about that. Hi, Merton Hanks."

Hanks, a former NFL defensive back, handles uniform and equipment fines for the league.

Bennett said he usually wears Jordan Brand cleats and blacks out the logo, but he might have to find alternative footwear moving forward.

"Which will affect my game and affect my health," Bennett said.

Bennett smiled when asked if he'd consider paying the fine every week to avoid making the switch.

"I've got a kid at home," Bennett said. "She's smart, too. I'm going to have to pay for Harvard or something. Nah, I can't afford a fine every week. It's about my health, though."