Jay Cutler: Brett Favre may have played

Chicago Bears general manager Jerry Angelo described the idea that Brett Favre would have joined the Bears as "fantasy," but Jay Cutler said he believes Favre might have done it for the right price.

Cutler shares the same agent -- Bus Cook -- as Favre, and Cutler said on "The Waddle & Silvy Show" on ESPN 1000 on Wednesday that he talked to Cook a couple of days ago.

"He didn't really expect Brett to come back," Cutler said. "Brett probably would have came back, but I'm sure it would have to be a very, very high number money-wise, and it would have been interesting.

"He's a West Coast (offense) guy. That's the reason he went to the places he went, Minnesota, and he was the entire time in Green Bay. So for him to jump in this system and try to orchestrate this offense would have been difficult for him."

ESPNChicago.com quoted a source on Monday saying Favre would have listened to a pitch if the Bears had called. But a source told ESPN's Ed Werder that the Bears' front office was not interested in Favre, and Favre issued a statement on Tuesday stating he has no plans to return.

"Inspite (sic) of reports about playing with various teams, I'm enjoying retirement with my family and have no plans to play football," Favre said in the statement Tuesday night. "I haven't contacted nor have been contacted by any teams and all reports are inaccurate."

While no reports stated he was contacted, the Bears' quarterbacking situation was back in the spotlight after Caleb Hanie struggled again on Sunday. Hanie, who is starting in place of Cutler as he recovers from thumb surgery, threw three interceptions for the second week in a row in a 10-3 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. The Bears, who are fighting for their playoff lives, lost both games Hanie has started.

But Cutler agreed with recent comments by Devin Hester that bringing in a new quarterback to implement the intricate offense of coordinator Mike Martz would be too difficult.

"I think more than anything bringing a veteran quarterback this late in the game that doesn't really have a good understanding or at least has been in Mike's offense before would be pointless," Cutler said. "You're not going to bring in a guy right now and get him ready in two weeks or really get ready in three weeks and try to learn this offense. It just doesn't happen like that.

"Especially the veteran guys who have been in the West Coast (offense) his entire career like some of the names that have been floating around and then tell them to go ahead and learn a numbers system. It's completely different. It would be hard for him."

Angelo, whose comments were posted on the team's official website, and coach Lovie Smith are content with their current group of quarterbacks, including recently acquired Josh McCown and rookie Nathan Enderle. The Bears remain hopeful Cutler will return by the end of the regular season, although Cutler did not put a timetable on his return.

"As I said when we brought in Josh McCown, it was with the understanding that whoever we brought in has to have a familiarity with the offense," Angelo told the website. "We have only four games remaining. If that individual has to play, he's got to know as much as he can about the offense. That's really it.

"I'm not saying that (Donovan) McNabb can't play. He's just not as familiar with our offense and we don't have the time to be grooming a backup given our situation. I'm not even factoring Brett Favre into the equation because he hasn't played or even practiced from the preseason on. We're all assuming he's in great shape and frothing to come back and play football, which we all know is not true. So the Favre thing is just a fantasy."