Webb laughs at Cutler's gesture

CHICAGO -- For the second time this season, Chicago Bears offensive tackle J'Marcus Webb had to answer questions about an in-game incident with Jay Cutler, but on Tuesday the answers were punctuated with a smile.

Webb was asked about Cutler tying one of his shoes in the fourth quarter of Sunday's 28-10 victory over the Minnesota Vikings at Soldier Field. The gesture was picked up by television cameras and generated conversation among fans who remembered Cutler making national headlines by shoving Webb and screaming at him during the Bears' loss to the Green Bay Packers on Sept. 13.

"I get tons of encouragement, the slaps on the back and tying of the shoe," Webb said with a laugh on Tuesday as he participated in the Bears' community outreach program at John Spry Elementary School. "You can see the love, you know.

"Someone told me yesterday that I was on (ESPN's) ''C'mon Man.' I have to take it for what it is, laugh about it and move on to the next week."

Webb didn't make a big deal out of the previous incident, which came during a game in which Cutler was sacked seven times and threw five interceptions. Whatever hard feelings there were after the shove -- and at least one teammate criticized Cutler at the time -- may have been the reason Brandon Marshall said the huddle noticed the teamwork on Sunday.

"I don't know if it was Cutler-like, but it was cool and we were all cheering in the huddle," Marshall said after the game.

Cutler and Kristin Cavallari welcomed newborn son Camden Jack Cutler in August, and the quarterback said his fatherly instincts kicked in Sunday.

"Just getting ready for Cam. Just getting my shoe tying down," Cutler said Monday on "The Jay Cutler Show" on ESPN 1000.

Cutler explained after the game that was he was trying to tie the shoe quickly so the Bears didn't have to burn a timeout, but it was to no avail. Webb accepted responsibility.

"Well, I guess before the game I didn't necessarily loop, swoop and pull tight enough," Webb said. "I guess it just came right off. Instead of causing a timeout, we had to ... desperate times call for desperate measures. He tied my shoe."

Webb laughed when told Cutler called it his "fatherly instinct."

"Oh, my goodness," Webb said. "That's great."