Mike Tice wins big at horse track

Now out of football, former Chicago Bears offensive coordinator Mike Tice joked about experiencing what he called "the excitement of my life right now" on Thursday, when he hit the Pick 6 at Del Mar in Southern California, winning $100,796.20.

Tice was the only bettor to hit the Pick 6 at Del Mar on Thursday, but the former coach said that while there's an element of luck involved, he definitely did his homework in handicapping the race.

"I'm a horse guy. Belmont and Saratoga started, and throughout my football life, I've never been able to play them because I've always been in training camp," said Tice, who was the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings from 2002-05.

Tice, his son Nate and wife Diane traveled to San Diego last week for a short three-day vacation. During the vacation, Tice visited Del Mar on Friday and hit on a Pick 6 that cashed in at approximately $4,000.

After returning to the Seattle area, where his home is undergoing a major renovation, Tice said he called his wife, who was traveling in Minnesota, to inform her he wanted to pull $200 from their bank account to put into his online account to place a bet.

The Pick 6 is a betting option at racetracks where bettors are required to select the winning horse in six consecutive races. The Pick 6 at Del Mar on Thursday began with the third race and ended with the eighth. Tice wagered $128 for Thursday's Pick 6.

The winning horse in Race 4 on Thursday was named Tebowing.

"I sat down to watch the race, and I swear, you'd have to look at the replay. It was a head bob for the win," Tice said. "I didn't know if I won, took second or whatever. I was on the phone with Diane, and she was actually sitting on the tarmac. I told her that I might have won, and I was on the phone going crazy. Then the girl at the place is announcing the winner, and she's like, 'Can you please put your phone away and keep it down?'"

Was it luck?

"Sure, there's some luck involved," Tice said. "But I had the form out for two days and handicapped it."