Kane says he needs to be 'careful'

Patrick Kane raised eyebrows during the Chicago Blackhawks rally when he referred to some of his off-ice problems from the past year.

"I'll try to keep my shirt on all summer and for all the cab drivers out there, I love you," Kane said on Friday at the podium.

Kane was arrested last summer in a dispute with a cab driver. Then during the season he was photographed with several teammates with their shirts off in a limousine in Vancouver.

"You can look back on those things and say the year started out like this," Kane said Saturday, when asked why he brought it up at the rally. "It ended on a great note, but it started out on not so great of a note. So you look back on it and you can have fun with it. The issue is over. It's gone. It's done with.

"I probably have to live the rest of my life with it but I think, for me, I can have fun with it now that it's over."

Kane said he does have to be "careful" especially now that he's won a Stanley Cup, but he praised the support he gets from his family and thinks his issues are behind him.

Kane scored the winning goal in Chicago's Game 6 victory of the Stanley Cup finals. The win gave the Blackhawks their first title in 49 years.

Jesse Rogers covers the Blackhawks for ESPNChicago.com.