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Wednesday, August 8
Updated: August 6, 10:01 AM ET
Murray story archive

September 18: A price too high: Lasting lessons of Munich
September 11: Blood on Olympus
September 6: Politicking for glory
August 26: Fernando throws age a screwball
August 15: Paterno thinks, therefore he wins
August 8: Dempsey was the meanest
August 1: Is she really the finest athlete in the world
July 17: Snead's an American legend
July 6: This guy can help your drive
July 11: Rozelle sold entire nation on his sport
July 4: Old school is fine, thank you
June 24: Connors was nobody's favorite
June 17: A nice guy (Casper) gets the grill
June 15: And still champion
June 12: Bolt gave golf its deserts
June 11: For McKay, the "I" had it
June 8: The Shoe says he'll win this one, too
May 30: Golf's for athlete's -- sorry
May 24: Gentlemen, start your coffins
May 15: Look for shot Series if Sacks win
May 16: Even Preakness winners have their moments
May 10: A star is born
May 9: The summit of hustlery
May 4: The leader of the Pirates
May 2: Qualifying for the Derby
April 20: Walton's more than a footnote to a title season
April 5: Let's be honest about the Masters

These column originally appeared in The Los Angeles Times. Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

Jim Murray, the long-time sports columnist for the Los Angeles Times, won the Pulitzer Prize for commentary in 1990. He died Aug. 16, 1998.