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Monday, June 21, 2004
Classic Big Ticket: Milan Miracle

This show focuses on the 1954 game between Milan High and Muncie Central High for the Indiana state high school basketball championship. Classic Big Ticket: The Milan Miracle brings to life the game that inspired the movie Hoosiers. ESPN Classic will show the game in its entirety for the first time since it originally aired in March of 1954 and welcome in two special guests: Bobby Plump, the man who hit the game winning shot for the underdog Milan Indians, and Phil Raisor, who started at guard for the heavily favored Muncie Central Bearcats.

In addition to seeing the rare, half-century old game footage the Classic Big Ticket will reveal fresh insights about the game from both Plump and Raisor. Both men discussed the fervor associated with the state basketball tournament, the underdog status of Milan (who had an entire student body of 161 compared to 2,200 for Muncie Central), the drama and aftermath of the game, Plump's dramatic, game winning shot and the similarities between the real team and the group portrayed in the movie Hoosiers.

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