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Monday, June 21, 2004
"Apple Pie" and mom on Mother's Day

On Sunday, May 9 -- that is Mother's Day by the way -- at 5:30 p.m. ET, ESPN Classic will present "Apple Pie," a special documentary on famous athletes and their moms. What kind of relationships do Shaquille O'Neal and Mia Hamm have with their moms? What do Drew Bledsoe and Grant Hill think they inherited from their moms?
Drew Bledsoe give his mom, Barbara, a kiss.

Celebrate Mother's Day and find out how these women still impact the lives of their famous sons and daughers.

"Apple Pie," an intimate, riveting film about star athletes and their moms, is a tribute to the often invisible strength courage and power of mothers. This film offers a new angle on heroism by looking more deeply into the lives and stories of mothers and their children, from NBA star Grant Hill and his mother, Janet Hill, one of six women of color to graduate from her class at Wellesley College; to Erik Weihenmayer, the first blind climber to summit Mount Everest and the strength and passion he drew from his mother, Ellen, who died when he was sixteen.

From Major League Baseball star Kenny Lofton, who learned his work ethic from his blind grandmother, Rosie, a sharecropper from Alabama; to Drew Bledsoe, who unabashadly admits to having inherited his mother's arm.

Mia Hamm gets a hug from her mother, Stephanie.
This film captures intimate histories and private moments between athletes and their mothers, including NBA star Shaquille O'Neal and his mother, Lucille; soccer star Mia Hamm and her mother, Virginia; Indy car racer Sarah Fisher, and her mother, Reba.

From NHL star Tony Granato, his sister, Olympic hockey captain Cammi Granato, and their mother, Natalie; to triathlete Molly Barker, who founded "Girls on the Run" and her mother, Mary, who have struggled together to transform their own lives by overcoming alcohol and then empowering the lives of those around them.

This is the first large-scale documentary film to explore the private lives and maternal origins of athletes, and what emerges is a film that inspires, moves, and brings the viewer into a range of different cultures, time periods, and emotional bonds between mothers and children. The stories of these mothers will change the way we understand the source of individual strength and the way we see mothers in the history of extraordinary personal or athletic achievement.

Visit the "Apple Pie" website for more information:

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