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Reach out to us at ESPN Cleveland.

Station Address: 1301 East 9th St. Suite 252 Cleveland, OH 44114

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Phone: 216.583.9901
Fax: 216.583.9550
Call-In Number WKNR: 216-578-0850
WKNR Contest Line: 216-583-WKNR (9567)
Call-In Number KNR2: 216-523-1540
Website: www.goodkarmabrands.com

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Feedback: feedback@goodkarmabrands.com

Craig Karmazin: ckarmazin@goodkarmabrands.com @craigkarmazin

General Manager/Vice President
Sam Pines: spines@goodkarmabrands.com @sampines

Browns Managing Producer
Jason Gibbs: jgibbs@goodkarmabrands.com @BGSUGibbs

Creative Services Director
Cody Smith: csmith@goodkarmabrands.com

Marketing and Promotions
Aryanna Brown: espnclemarketing@goodkarmabrands.com

Aryanna Brown: espnclemarketing@goodkarmabrands.com