Quarterbacks we dare to compare

How do the high-profile quarterbacks in Monday's Tostitos Fiesta Bowl match up?

Stanford's Andrew Luck is a Mac. Plug him in and he's ready to go. No upgrades required. No drivers to install. He's got everything you need once you take him out of the box. He has the intelligence to run any type of offense you throw at him, he can read defenses better than any college quarterback and he has the arm strength and accuracy to back it up. His wow factor is understated, but his upside isn't.

As for Oklahoma State's Brandon Weeden, save your jokes and snide comments about his age. He can sling it. You know you're good when that's all people can come up with as a knock on your game. Weeden's best asset is his refusal to get rattled, along with his arm strength, and the accuracy needed to ascend atop a heap as college football's best quarterback.

There's no doubt we'll be watching two of the game's best passers on Monday night, who are a lot more similar than people think, even if they play in systems that are polar opposites. Let's try a few comparisons.

Fiesta Bowl QB debate: Luck or Weeden?

ESPN.com's Kevin Gemmell covers Stanford football and David Ubben covers the Big 12.