No practice limit for Buckeyes

FORT WORTH, Texas -- Ohio State is an underdog to Oregon in Monday's College Football Playoff National Championship, but the Buckeyes do have one advantage: They can practice longer.

Because Ohio State's spring semester doesn't start until Monday, the Buckeyes are not required to adhere to the NCAA's 20-hour rule, limiting countable athletic activities to four hours a day and 20 hours a week. Oregon's academic term began this week, so the Ducks cannot exceed 20 hours, according to NCAA rules.

Oregon confirmed to the Pac-12 office that the Ducks are adhering to the 20-hour limit, a Pac-12 spokesman told ESPN.

Buckeyes players may have unlimited time this week to prepare for Monday night's game, but an Ohio State spokesman said a priority has been making sure the players are rested and healthy. Ohio State was off on Wednesday.

The NCAA's 20-hour limit is usually not a concern during bowls because both teams are not in school.

Practices, weightlifting and any film sessions or meetings required by coaches count toward the 20-hour limit. The game also counts as three hours, no matter how long it lasts.