Why Alabama QB Jalen Hurts deserves a shot at the Heisman

The Jalen Hurts Heisman Trophy candidacy has finally gained some steam, and he now ranks third in ESPN's Heisman Watch polling.

Even with this recent ascension, Hurts still has to be considered an outside contender, given that Louisville Cardinals quarterback Lamar Jackson garnered all of the first-place votes.

Since the actual Heisman first-place voting is likely to mimic these results, it's clear that Hurts will probably not be hoisting the trophy, but it does raise the question of what else the Heisman voters want Hurts to do. All he has done is have arguably the best season ever by an Alabama quarterback. It's also fair to question why Louisville's cream-puff schedule this season isn't being factored into Jackson's Heisman equation more.