Which conference will win bowl season?

ESPN's Bowl Cup Challenge was created in 2002 as a competition among conferences to see which one can end bowl season with the best record.

This "challenge" is 100 percent about bragging rights.

Which conference is most likely to emerge victorious in 2016? Can the SEC rally from a down year with a big bowl run? Or will the Big Ten emerge victorious this December and January?

With the help of FPI's bowl projections (available here), we will break down which conferences are most likely to have the best and worst bowl records this season. Obviously each conference's record is dependent on individual matchups, but below you will find a projected winning percentage for each conference, ordered best to worst. The AAC is the most likely conference to walk away with the bowl challenge "trophy," while the MAC is the least likely.

You may notice that each projected winning percentage is not a simple W-L record. It also may not match the number of games a conference is favored in. That's because if a team has a 51 percent chance to win it should lose that game 49 percent of the time. Adding up each conference's projected wins (a 51 percent chance to win equates to 0.51 expected wins) and dividing by the total number of games produces the truest measure of a conference's expected bowl success.