College football SP+ rankings after Week 11: Ohio State at No. 1, Penn State still top 20

With so few top teams playing in Week 11, it was easy to assume we wouldn't see much movement atop either the polls or computer rankings. The SP+ ratings still managed to do some shuffling, though.

Wisconsin's second dominant performance of the season again allowed the Badgers to jump idle Clemson into third, while Notre Dame's comprehensive win over Boston College gave the Fighting Irish just enough juice to hop Florida into fifth. Throw in a slight drop for Oregon -- which beat Washington State but had to labor to do it -- and a slight, opponent-adjustment-driven rise for idle Ohio State, and each of the top 18 teams in SP+ either rose or fell at least one spot. None moved much, but they all danced at least a bit.

(That's right, idle Ohio State jumped idle Alabama this week. The Buckeyes' previous opponents looked a little better than Bama's, apparently. The numbers are always churning behind the scenes whether you play or not.)