College football's most versatile players for 2021

We generally talk about football players and positions in the simplest way possible. You're a rushing quarterback (or maybe a "dual-threat") or a pocket passer, a between-the-tackles runner or an all-purpose back, a wideout or a slot receiver. Some of the most fun players in the sport, however, blur the lines, bringing unique skill sets to the table. The best coaches then figure out how to use those unique talents to great advantage.

For a given team, then, you might find a player or two who can create matchup advantages in a few different ways. They are worth watching and enjoying. So here's a list of 50 college football Swiss army knives for 2021, broken into 10 different categories.

Good running QBs who can throw when they need to

Malik Willis, Liberty. Projected as a first-rounder by ESPN's Todd McShay, Willis is the "it" QB of the moment. He certainly still needs to grow as a passer to live up to NFL hype, but he's just about everything you could want from a college quarterback.

Willis completed 64% of his passes last year with a 20-to-6 TD-to-INT ratio, and he is hypnotic with his legs: not including 19 sacks, he rushed for 1,059 yards (8.7 per carry) and 14 TDs. He may be the single-most exciting quarterback in the country with his legs, and he has a cannon arm to boot.

Grayson McCall, Coastal Carolina. Coastal went to a different level in 2020 in part because of McCall's ability to not only fulfill his role in a delightful run game (9.1 non-sack rushes per game, 6.2 yards per carry) but also catch the Chanticleers back up to the chains when necessary (69% completion rate, 2,488 yards).