How Texas' and Oklahoma's potential moves to SEC impacts college football recruiting everywhere

Texas and Oklahoma leaving the Big 12 for the SEC could have a massive ripple effect on the college football recruiting landscape beyond the two schools themselves.

The SEC teams trying to recruit the state of Texas, the Longhorn State recruits themselves and even schools nationally will feel some change because of this decision. Whether it's a positive or a negative, these ramifications could lead to other changes to prevent any future damages on the recruiting trail for opposing teams and conferences.

Here is a look at who will be impacted by this decision and what that impact will be going forward.

Texas A&M

The Aggies aren't happy about this potential move for Texas and Oklahoma, partially because they had a strategic advantage. Being the only school in Texas in the SEC allowed the coaches to pitch to recruits that they could stay in state but also play in the conference.

They could play Alabama every year and their family can come and watch them play. For Texas recruits who want to play at the highest level, that has been very attractive, and it has given Texas A&M a unique pitch.