College Football Playoff race: Lackluster wins could cost Cincinnati and Oklahoma in the end

Oklahoma Sooners vs. Kansas Jayhawks: Full Highlights (1:52)

Oklahoma Sooners vs. Kansas Jayhawks: Full Highlights (1:52)

For eight seasons, phrases like "style points" and "eye test" have become part of the unofficial College Football Playoff dictionary -- at least outside of the selection committee meeting room. The committee members all pay attention to the flow of games and quality of opponents, so if a team struggles to beat a team it should take care of easily -- let's just go ahead and throw 1-6 Kansas in here -- it's part of the conversation.

Everyone in that room, though, will insist they aren't asking teams to run up the score each week to prove a point.

"The committee does not incent margin of victory," CFP executive director Bill Hancock told ESPN on Saturday night, not referring to any specific team. "Of course, the committee reviews each team's results thoroughly and is aware of what happens in every game. That includes answering the question, 'Did either team dominate the game?'"

In Week 8, Oklahoma did not. Oregon did not. Cincinnati did not. Ohio State most certainly did.