The next Sauce Gardner? Top 2023 college football recruits who remind us of current stars

The next wave of college football recruits always creates excitement among fan bases, and a great tool to help introduce future stars of Saturday is to compare them to some of today's top players.

Whether it's measurables, style, tenacity or simple body movements, there can be a multitude of reasons why comparisons between players are made. We often make these assessments to give readers an idea of what prospects might look like at the next level with a hint of their early impact.

With that in mind, here's a look at some of the top prospects in the 2023 ESPN 300 and the recognizable college players to whom they compare.

QB Malachi Nelson
Committed to: USC
ESPN 300 rank: No. 2
Player comparison: Desmond Ridder, Cincinnati

Much of this comparison is made because of two areas: physical stature and delivery mechanics. Ridder looked almost exactly like Nelson does now with his tall and thin frame. They are "loose" passers, meaning they have whip-like, fluid deliveries that make some throws look effortless. Sometimes it's as if they are just flicking their wrist. While at times this can lead to wasted motion, the ball comes out fast and finishes to the target. Ridder might be slightly more mobile than Nelson as a true runner, but the younger passer can hold his own when things break down and he must make plays on the move with his feet.