Week 1 college football overreactions: Colorado, Florida State, Alabama and more

Colorado might have a Heisman candidate quarterback, and Ohio State might not! Cal might have a good offense! North Carolina might have a good defense! Up is down! Left is right! The moon is actually the sun!

Week 1 of a given college football season is always a bit dizzying, a bit confusing. But the first weekend of the 2023 season was especially so. Of course, so much of Week 1 is about deciphering blowouts, and while treating bad teams like really bad teams is certainly more predictive than the typical "They ain't played nobody!" fan acknowledges, it's only so predictive. We'd be smart to mostly withhold judgment with what little we've seen this year.

Withholding judgment is no fun whatsoever, though. Overreacting? Very fun. So let's do that!

Here are some of the things I found myself thinking, against my better judgment, while drinking from the Week 1 fire hose. Let's overreact!

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Colorado's two Heisman finalists
What's up with the OSU, PSU offenses?
How good is North Carolina's defense?
Is Bama a national title contender again?
OU vs. UCF in the Big 12 title game?
Auburn and Miami are BACK ... maybe
Who won the Heisman this week?
10 favorite games of the weekend

Florida State is going to the College Football Playoff!

No. 8 Florida State 45, No. 5 LSU 24