Clarett expected to stay in school

Despite his lawsuit against the NFL, Maurice Clarett appears to be keeping his options open with Ohio State.

Clarett's lawsuit stated that he is currently enrolled at Ohio State, where classes began Wednesday for the fall quarter. Jim Brown, his adviser, said Clarett is living in Columbus, Ohio, near the campus.

"He met with our academic support people yesterday," Ohio State spokesman Steve Snapp said. "They made sure that he was registered and enrolled. There's every indication that he will attend class."

NCAA rules require that athletes pass a minimum of 24 credit hours each year to be eligible to play the following season. Hypothetically, Clarett could disregard school this fall and try to gain those credits in the subsequent quarters before the end of next summer, when annual academic progress is measured. But such an approach would not please Ohio State administrators, who will determine later whether to apply to the NCAA for Clarett's reinstatement, Snapp said.

Blowing off school this fall would violate the terms of Clarett's recent personal-conduct agreement with Ohio State, Snapp said.

"He knows he must attend class and show satisfactory academic progress," said Snapp, who declined to offer the details of the school's agreement with Clarett.

Clarett is scheduled to take classes two days a week, on Tuesday and Thursday, he said.

Clarett's mother, Michelle Clarett, did not return calls from ESPN.com.

Tom Farrey is a senior writer for ESPN.com. He can be reached at tom.farrey@espn3.com.