Report: Players deny knowledge; no discipline planned

Clemson officials erased pornographic images from Web pages of football players on the university's server Monday, The Charlotte Observer reported Monday.

Two of the players -- junior tailback Yusef Kelly and junior tight end Ben Hall -- had pornographic images on their student Web sites but denied knowledge of putting them there, according to the paper.

Both players said they haven't looked at their Web sites since they placed material, including photos of themselves, on the sites as freshmen.

"I haven't even checked it," Hall told the paper, "and today it was brought to my attention that it had some pornographic pictures on it, and I can't even recall or think about who or how it would have got there without me doing it myself. And I didn't do it."

The Observer reported that the Web sites of at least six players -- Kyle Browning, Brandon Cannon, Airese Currie, Jamaal Fudge, Clifford Harrell and Eric Sampson -- contained images of scantily clad women.

Fudge said he had placed the images, along with another link to a Web site that showed dogs attacking pigs, on his page. "It was for a class," Fudge told the paper. "I just put stuff on it, and I really didn't think about it."

Clemson officials had blocked the Web sites Monday afternoon, the Observer reported. Tim Bourret, Clemson's sports information director, said Monday night that objectionable material had been removed from the sites.

"We are going to check into this type of activity, and I will say this: This type of activity is totally inappropriate for someone that represents Clemson University," Clemson athletics director Terry Don Phillips told the paper.

The players will not be disciplined, Bourret told the paper.

"The things I addressed was that a lot of these guys have Web sites and haven't looked at them in two or three years," Clemson coach Tommy Bowden told the paper. "'So y'all better check them because people can go in there and add stuff. Y'all are held accountable because you represent Clemson University.'"