Man pleads guilty in order to watch

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- A Columbus judge says he'll let an inmate stay
in jail instead of moving him to prison right away so he can see
the Ohio State-Michigan game on TV this Saturday.

Jeff Renne told Franklin County Common Pleas Judge
Richard Sheward yesterday that he would plead guilty as long as he
could stay in the county jail through the weekend. Inmates at the
jail can watch TV, but it's off-limits at the Orient reception
center, where they are held before they're moved to one of the
state's prisons.

Renne was charged with forgery. He says if the Buckeyes win on
Saturday, he'll still be "on cloud nine" despite being in prison.

Judge Sheward says he granted Renne's request because it's
Michigan week and he thought he should do his part for the Buckeyes.