Woman reported she was raped in 2002

BOULDER, Colo. -- DNA evidence has cleared a second man in an alleged sexual assault linked to the University of Colorado's recruiting scandal, police said Thursday.

Police have identified both as CU football players. They
underwent DNA testing after a woman reported she was raped after
meeting two men at a tavern in August 2002.

The case came to light in February amid allegations the
university's athletics department used sex and alcohol in football
recruiting. The alleged victim was one of at least eight women who
have said they were raped by football players or recruits since

The other player tested in the case was cleared in February. His attorney, Nancy Holton, said at the time the alleged victim
remembered only that she had talked to two black men at the tavern,
then awoke in her apartment with evidence that she had been

Holton accused police of racial profiling.

The woman told police "she may have been drugged" because she had trouble remembering what happened after leaving the tavern.
Investigators have said she had difficulty identifying a suspect.

Neither football player was identified by name.

No sexual assault charges have been filed in any of the eight
cases to emerge since 1997.

Attorney General Ken Salazar reviewed allegations surrounding players and recruits and said this week he would not file charges, citing concerns about the evidence and the reluctance of some women to pursue their cases.