Collins failed to complete terms of prior cases

LINCOLN, Neb. -- Former Nebraska running back Thunder
Collins was arrested in Lancaster County on two warrants stemming
from incidents in 2003.

Police said Collins' arrest Saturday is related to failing to
complete terms of prior court cases.

Collins, 24, was charged last year with burglary and assault
over allegations that he broke into the Corvallis, Ore., apartment
of Oregon State cornerback Jamaal Jackson and Collins' former
girlfriend Shannon Howell.

Collins is accused of attacking Jackson while the couple was

Collins quit the Cornhuskers in October 2002, after serving a four-game
suspension for violating undisclosed NCAA rules.

In June 2001, he was charged with misdemeanor assault after
fighting with then-girlfriend Howell. Collins pleaded guilty to a
lesser charge.

After Collins left the Nebraska football team, he played for a
time in the Canadian Football League.