Running back confronted about vehicle

TAMPA, Fla. -- Vanderbilt running back Kwane Doster was shot to death after his friends and a group of other men exchanged "trash talk" about their cars, Tampa police said Tuesday.

Police continued to appeal for help in making an arrest in the Sunday morning shooting. Police said they have suspects but need witnesses who might have seen who fired the fatal shot.

Doster, 21, was shot to death at a sandwich shop after visiting a local club with two friends about 1:30 a.m. Sunday.

While leaving the club, Doster's friends had a discussion with three other men about their cars, said Tampa police spokesman Joe Durkin. Both groups were driving what Durkin described as "show" cars, and the arguments centered on whose car was better.

The two groups met again at a stoplight, where they again exchanged words and mean stares, Durkin said. The suspects were riding in an orange Infiniti.

Blocks later, Doster and his friends pulled into a sandwich shop. The Infiniti pulled up, and one man got out and opened fire with a handgun, Durkin said.

Doster, who was sitting in the back seat of his friend's car, was killed with a single shot. No one else was injured.

"There was no indication they knew each other," Durkin said. "It's something so trivial, that trash talk goes on all the time. Then someone pulls out a gun -- inconceivable."