BCS committed to video replay for title game

Bowl Championship Series officials want instant replay used in
all bowl games starting this season, and are confident it can be

"The commissioners are looking at the possibility of having
video replay, at a minimum, available for the national title game
and optimistically for all bowl games," BCS spokesman Bob Burda
said Wednesday.

The Rose Bowl will host the national title game Jan. 4.

The Big Ten became the first conference to use video review of
football game officials' calls last season, with an official in the
press box determining if a play would be reviewed and overturning
the call if replay showed conclusively it was wrong.

The NCAA gave all Division I-A conferences to opportunity to
experiment with replay this season, and nine of 11 have adopted the
Big Ten's system or some variation.

The Western Athletic Conference and Sun Belt will not use replay
this season.

"The use of replay for the majority of leagues is predicated on
games being televised," Burda said. "In the postseason, that
ingredient is already included in the mix."

The Mountain West Conference's replay system will incorporate a
coaches' challenge, similar to the NFL's system. The Big 12 will
allow on-field officials to assist the replay official in the press
box. Conference USA will have its on-field officials conduct the

The main obstacle to overcome is deciding what system would be
used in a bowl game involving teams from two different conferences
and an officiating crew from a third league.

"They have to work out the logistics," Burda said.

But he said the conference commissioners are "optimistic they
can get it worked out."