Paterno says he doesn't like reporters anymore

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. -- Joe Paterno doesn't like the media anymore.

"I can't trust you guys anymore. I am just being honest with you. It is no fun," the 78-year-old Penn State football coach said Tuesday during his weekly news conference. "If I have to go and be guarded about everything I do, it is no fun."
Paterno's answer came in response to a question about whether he
missed the informal relationship he once had with the media. He
said he missed the off-the-record chats he often held on Friday
nights before games, a practice that ended last year.
"Coaching to me has always been a fun job. I love coaching and
I love working with kids," he said. "I don't like you guys
anymore. I don't know how else to say it. An element of the job
that I loved has been taken away from me."
Paterno has 344 career wins, second only behind Florida State's
Bobby Bowden among major college coaches. But Penn State is 27-33
in the past five years, and some columnists and fans have
questioned whether Paterno should step down.
Paterno is under contract through the 2008 season.
Paterno also has voiced displeasure in recent news conferences
about having to answer questions about his players' off-the-field
On Tuesday, Paterno was in a relatively good mood through most
of his 30-minute media session. He arrived early, saying he was
making up for being tardy the week before, and joked with reporters
before taking questions.
As for Friday nights, though, Paterno said "I can't do it
anymore, but that is fine. Maybe it is my fault. Maybe it is not
your fault. I miss it."