OU starter Bomar cited for alcohol possession

NORMAN, Okla. -- Oklahoma quarterback Rhett Bomar's status
for the Sooners' game against Tulsa this weekend remains unchanged
even though he was cited by police here for possession of alcohol
by a minor, officials said Thursday.

Bomar, 20, was allegedly outside a residence near campus in
possession of "a cocktail, which included alcohol" on Saturday,
police Lt. Tom Easley said. Bomar wasn't arrested.

"The only analogy I can make is, it's similar to a traffic
citation," Easley said. "If you're a Norman resident, we will let you sign with a
promise to appear in court within five days."

Bomar, who Easley said is scheduled to appear for an Oct. 5
court date, couldn't immediately be reached for comment.

Kenny Mossman, OU associate athletics director for
communications, said he wasn't sure if coach Bob Stoops knew that
Bomar had been cited when Stoops named the redshirt freshman as the
starting quarterback earlier this week.

Stoops "has known about it for several days, and it will be
handled within the framework of the team," Mossman said. Stoops
doesn't intend to comment further, Mossman said.

Easley said there were "several" other minors at the house
where Bomar was cited. Police were led to the house after an
officer encountered an intoxicated teenager nearby.

"The officer got some information from her and other sources
around her that there was a party going on with other underage
drinkers," Easley said.