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Welcome to ESPN College GameDay, your insider home to the most comprehensive view of college football. Go on the road with Chris, Lee and Kirk as they visit campuses across the country to highlight the premier college football match-ups in the nation.

Every Saturday morning you will be transported to the middle of the biggest college football circus going. Once there, you will feel the passion of the fans, gain deep insight from our experts and have some fun along the way. It's the ultimate GameDay experience!


This season's show open will feature a specially recorded version of the song "Comin' To Your City" by genre-busting artists Big & Rich and Cowboy Troy. The new theme song, with altered lyrics specific to College GameDay, will capture all the elements of the show -- the spirit and excitement of the on-site atmosphere and fan anticipation -- as it kicks off a full-day of college football action.

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This week the College GameDay crew goes to Los Angeles to watch UCLA take on USC.